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Detour Bus

Casual VR Game  | Unity | 2020-2021 | 12-Month Project | 19 People Team


Yugo BAFTA Student Awards Shortlist 2022

Oculus Launch Pad Grant Recipient 2020

USC Game Expo 2020


A casual VR game where players build winding highways around themselves to take the dysfunctional Flowers family on a road trip across Post-Infrastructure America.

My Role

Designer, 3D Artist


Unity, Blender, Oculus Rift

Design Process of Yellowbus Level

Yellowstone Research

Based on the research, include Geysers, Waterfall and River, Mammoth hot springs and Grand Prismatic Spring in our level. 

Directing Game Flow

Players need to guide the bison back to the farm, the center of the map, and finally through the waterfall to complete the level. 

Interactable Environment Objects

1. Bison
When the bus approaches to the bison, bison will move forward a distance.

2. Geyser
Geysers will send a tall column of water and steam into the air. Players need to go around geyser either will be washed into the air (and restart this part of game). 

3. Waterfall
Waterfall is tallest object in this level and also act as a funny and unrealistic ending point of level. 


3D Modeling

I was also 3d modeling for the game. 

Adding sky stripe

Yellowbus Sign


Credit Level Design

Setting in the outer space, I designed the settings for the four planets of four different types of transportation systems. 

Drew the first pass of concept art. 

Designed constellations based on bus shape and constellation types of team members.

Block out the level:
All characters are interactable, when bus shoot out to text, they will fly like in the space. 

Olivia Yin ︎ ︎  ︎  ︎ ︎ ︎︎