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Animated Short Film

November 2022 | Individual Project

A CG animated short film I produced with Unreal Engine and Motion Capture. It’s a story about a very confident marginal theater character fantasizes himself as the protagonist of the story. Emphasis is placed on portraying his contrasts on and off stage.

Teapot Showerhead

Chindogu Absurd Product

November 2022 | 2 People Group Project

Drinking tea requires patience, and so does taking this shower. Give some time to let the water drip into the teapot while  the tea bag shower bomb dissolves into the water. Once steeped, the soothing scented oil will wash over you, relaxing and cleansing your body mind and soul.

Loaf on the Job

Chindogu Absurd Product

October 2022 | 2 People Group Project

Want to rest from remote work and to be healthy at the same time? Try our jump rope mouse controller. The rotation of the jump rope will control the rotation of the mouse and prevent the computer from going into resting mode and being discovered.

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