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A Talkative Speaker

Interactive Installation | 2022 | 1-Month Project | Individual Project

A lonely but talkative speaker wants to make friends with every person passing by her.

My Role

Designer, Engineer


Arduino, Fabrication


Breaking down narrative structure computational and triggered with timing and distance between users and the cube.


Songs represent the current emotion.
Willingness to shareand to talk
Desire to make friends vs fear of people approaching

User Journey

At first, this lonely and talkative speaker will play a sad song. But when people pass by her, she will say hi and start talking to them. After about 1 min talking, she regards you as her friend and starts playing happy songs.

The color of the LED strip in the box is corresponding to the distance between the user and the box.

Good distance: Orange
Too Far: Blue
Too Close: Red



To emphasize her personality of the contradiction between willingness to share with people and fear of being harmed in a close relationship, I use 1/16 translucent matt acrylic to create the visual that partly sees inside, which also allows the light from the LED strip to be diffused in a nice way.


Techical Diagram
I used time of flight (VL53L1X), micro SD and SD card reader to store audio files, led strip for light and color and audio amplifier connected to the speaker. 


Voiceover: Coco Ma
Olivia Yin ︎ ︎  ︎  ︎ ︎ ︎︎