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Graduate Thesis

Smell like Home

VR + Scent Exploration Game

2022 - 2023 | Individual

"Smell Like Home" is a VR+ scent exploration game that searches for different definitions of "home" and immerses players in several recreated virtual environments that resonate with my emotions and memories. Using special camera equipment, players can capture the essence of home at three life-turning points through three different scents.

Alternative Control Games


Platformer Game

2022 | Individual

2D platformer game that needs a flashlight on your phone to light up the road in front of you

VR Experiences

Detour Bus

Casual VR Game

2020 - 2021 | Group

A casual VR game where players build winding highways around themselves to take the Flowers family on a road trip across America.

Friendship Repair Machine

Co-cp VR Game

Fall 2021  | Group

A two-player collaboration game to rebuild the friendship cross over different time, virtual and physical space.

Last Four Seasons In my Life

VR Experience

Spring 2022 | Individual

Enter the comics created by the protagonist who only has 1 year remaining in this world. In the end, based on your interaction and the pics taken, the new comic book “Last 4 Seasons in My Life” will be drawn as a summary of your experience and summary of her observation and imagination towards this world.

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