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Last 4 Seasons in My Life

VR Experience | Unreal |Individual Project
2022 | 2-Month Project  

Enter the comics created by the protagonist who only has 1 year remaining in this world. They are also going to take pictures in the virtual world at fleeting moments.

My Role

Designer, Engineer


Unreal, Blender, Oculus Quest 2

Bitsy Prototype

I used Bitsy to develop a prototype of the Last 4 seasons in my life and focus on the changes in the 4 seasons (use the number of months, color palette, and narrative to indicate the differences). In this Bitsy version, players can only move from left to right, after they move to the right, they will teleport to the next season’s scene, and cannot go backward.


Environment Storytelling
  • The Player will interact with objects in the scene, and trigger voiceover to find out the story of the main character. Different interactions will lead to changes in the following seasons

Generated Comic
  • Based on the interaction and pictures taken, generated a customized comic at the end of the experience.



Take pictures, polaroid photos, hang them on the wall

The main interaction of the game is to take pictures of these moments, for those who have curiosity. After taking pictures, players can choose to hang pictures on the photo wall. Those hung on the walls will be selected as the pool of the final generated comics.

Art Direction 

From Dear Angelica and animal crossing.

Four Seasons Prototype




Olivia Yin ︎ ︎  ︎  ︎ ︎ ︎︎