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2D Platformer Game | 2022 |
4 Weeks | Individual Project


Nominee - Netease Games (Thunder Fire) Game Develop Competition 2023


The little dust wants to use the outside world (your flashlight) light to re-illuminate the underground and find the lost ever-burning fire. Finally, it found the ever-burning fireplace, and when it jumped into the fireplace to be reborn as the 283rd fire, it was all an endless and meaningless cycle of constant searching, burning out, and rebirth.

Technical Details

The camera captures the position of the flashlight and sends the position of the light to unity, and spawns a light at the same relative position. When focusing the light on the match, the player can light it up.
  • openFramework
  • OSC
  • Unity

Olivia Yin ︎ ︎  ︎  ︎ ︎ ︎︎